About us


Video production
We produce diverse video content for our customers intended for various media and include the creation of advertisements, promotional material, videos graphics, live streaming, music videos, TV production and general video content creation. We manage all stages of production and can therefore take on a complete project from start to finish, or certain parts of it. Depending on the size of the project and the customer’s needs at any given time.


Social media campaigns
Do you want to maximize the performance of your ad? Social media is one of the main platforms for delivering the company’s message, as most people know the word well. Objectives with impressions can be diverse, e.g. to improve brand awareness, introduce new services, increase web traffic, get more followers and general information dissemination. We provide advertising consulting, manage social media campaigns and carefully review and analyze campaign data with our clients. It is important to display the ad where the user sees it, and if the display is done correctly, the company’s income will increase in the short or long term.


The environment of advertising media changes rapidly, so it is important to adapt quickly and follow the trends that exist at any given time. We can provide clients with a wide range of advice, such as the implementation of a complete project, video length and aspect ratio based on display media.

Stock footage
We have an abundance of stock footage recorded in 4K of our dramatic Icelandic landscape both from drones and from video cameras.


The team


Viktor Aleksander Bogdanski is the founder of Blindspot and has extensive experience in different fields of filmmaking. His interest in filmmaking was ignited at a young age and later he took the decision to follow his dream, and there was no turning back. Viktor is very organized, meticulous and does his very best to provide a personal service and thus continue to add to the group of satisfied customers.


Alejandro Ramos Soria is trained in cinematography, photography as well as becoming a certified drone pilot. It is the desire for adventure that led him to Iceland, and he has probably traveled more around the country than the majority of the country’s population. Alejandro’s positivity, creativity and ambition in what he does are very descriptive.



Hrannar Fernandez specializes in digital media marketing and helps clients maximize the success of the ads we produce. He places great emphasis on forming personal and close business relationships. He has a good knowledge of digital media and sees the opportunities that companies can take advantage of to maximize results.



Blindspot also employs a diverse group of contractors who come to our various projects, each with a specialization in their own field.


Do you want to join the group of happy customers? Feel free to get in touch and we are looking forward to hear from you!